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Is Slabmags meant for graded cards only?

No. Our collaboration with Collect 3D has birthed 3D printed inserts that allow Slabmags to protect raw cards in magnetic cases and packs while offering the same premium look. Learn more here: Protect your ungraded

Do I need to remove the protective film on both pieces of the Slabmags?

Absolutely! The film is only there to keep the scratch resistant tempered glass looking brand new before it goes on display.The film offers no extra UV protection and slightly hinders clarity so peel away! Plus, it provides great ASMR.

Why does my Slabmags not close properly?

The 2 hinge tabs on piece 1 should be slotted into the accommodating grooves on
piece 2 and also check that the safety lock tab is in the up position. Once the Slabmags has been closed, the safety lock can then be pushed down for extra security.

What size Slabmags do I need?

Most standard cards sized cards (20pt, 35pt, 55pt) will be encased in standard thickness slabs by the grading companies and will fit standard size Slabmags. Premium and thicker cards with relics are typically encased in thicker slabs and will require thick or medium size Slabmags.

Standard size PSA slabs will fit both standard and thick Slabmags while standard size BGS slabs will fit both standard and medium Slabmags.

Why is there no specific Slabmags for CGC?

CGC and PSA slab dimensions are nearly identical and will fit the PSA standard Slabmags. However, the rounded edges of CGC slabs will not allow it to fit PSA thick Slabmags.

The plastic lock on my Slabmags broke or went missing. How can I get a replacement?

The lock is a very tiny clear piece so we understand things may happen.That’s why we have included an extra lock with all brand new Slabmags.

Is Slabmags waterproof?

Slabmags is not waterproof and will not protect your slab from water or humidity.

Will you be offering more color selections in the future?

We are always striving to bring new colors to the market. We R&D colors meticulously over a period of time to ensure that it will look its best so please be patient as more are on the way. If you have a color request you would love to see, let us know on our Instagram page www.instagram.com/slabmags

When will my order ship?

We ship orders during standard business hours, Monday - Friday. All transit times are calculated in business days (Sat, Sun and Holidays do not apply). Orders received prior to 12:00 PST are usually processed the same business day. We do our best to ship all orders as soon as possible. Sometimes it might take 2-3 business days to ship your order. While placing an order please consider the processing time. Once your order has shipped, you will be notified with a tracking #. Please refer to our full shipping policy
here: Shipping Policy

Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not offer international shipping. Please contact us at cs@slabmags.com to find out if there are any dealers in your country.

Do you allow returns?

Yes, we allow returns within 30 days of purchase. We take great pride in the quality of our products, but do understand that sometimes there may be defects or other reasons which will warrant a return. Please refer to our full return policy here: Return Policy

Do you offer partnership opportunities?

We are always open to discussing partnership opportunities of any form. We have a wholesale dealer program and are always on the lookout for new dealers wanting to represent Slabmags in new areas and shows.

I love my Slabmags. Can you feature my collection?

We are always excited to see and share our fans’ collections! Tag us @slabmags or use #slabmags on Instagram.