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Kurt's Care Kit


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Kurt's Card Care cleaning kit is an absolute must for any collector. From preparing cards for submissions to cleaning slabs to give that final shine and luster before encasing in a Slabmags. Not only is the kit incredibly easy to use, but the service and demos Kurt provides is why we only use this kit and why we are excited to be able to offer it to you. Kit includes everything needed to clean, polish and correct edge and corner issues.
• 100% handmade polish that is all natural and free of abrasives, artificial colors and fragrances. Works on minor surface issues, dull refractors, age spots and other commons surface issues from age or the factory.
• 1 ounce cleaning spray is the perfect blend to safely clean fingerprints, smudges, and whatever else happens to land on the surface quickly and effectively. It's quick drying so you will not have swirls, discoloration or stains. Apply with a small cotton square and your card is clean in just seconds. (Designed for cards with a glossy finish. Ex Prizm, Optic, Chrome, refractors and holo finishes. Safely remove the stuff you don't want and restore the finish.)
• Corner/edge tool designed to help fix minor dings and dents on corners and edges. Likely a tool you will use on most of your cards. Designed and reliable for Vintage - Modern Cards. • 6x6 card mat
• Application and polishing cloths
• Hard locking case
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